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Stef Vergeest

The Short

Stef Vergeest is a web designer with a focus on front end web development and design. He works out of his room, surrounded by plants and music. By coding his websites from scratch without the use of any frameworks like Wordpress or Webflow, he is able to make every idea, no matter how crazy, come to life. If you're interested in hiring him (me), get in touch with the form on the right.

The Long

I was born in Nijmegen City. Shortly after, I started studying Information and Communications Technology, and my journey began. In the first year, we got introduced to web development. After a period of having no clue what I was doing, I developed my capabilities and slowly fell in love with creating web applications. Today, I combine my skills in Adobe Photoshop with industry-level coding to leave my foot mark on the worldwide web. If your mind can forge it, I can make it.

I live in Cuijk with my family and my dog Max. Here, I play volleyball, catch my train to school and wash the dishes on a daily basis. To get to know me a little better, you can click here.

To prevent myself isolating from humanity, I also have a part-time job at Jumbo Bosmans Cuijk. This has given me the opportunity to work on my social and professionals skills, by leading a team of young-adults.







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